Demonstration of Electromagnetic Energy Emanating from Isolated Rodent Whiskers and the Response to Intermittent Vibrations

Abraham A. Embi, Jerry I. Jacobson, Kaustuv Sahoo, Benjamin J. Scherlag

Heart Rhythm Institute, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, OK, USA


In the present study we provide evidence of inherent electromagnetic (EM) energy in the isolated rodent whisker and the induction of electromagnetic waves (EMWs) emanating from the follicle area.  A solution containing aliquots of nano-sized iron particles and Prussian Blue Stain (PBS Fe 2000) was applied between two glass slides which also held a rodent whisker. Vibrations of the whisker was caused by application of air puffs to the tip of the shaft protruding from one side of the slide “sandwich” (SWD).  Spontaneous EMWs emanating from the whisker were imaged as a continuous circulation of the iron particles outlining the magnetic lines of force surrounding the follicle and bulb area. Intermittently electromagnetic radiations were recorded as visible rays of white light penetrating the magnetic field resulting iron particle tracks.  The inherent electromagnetic energy of the rodent whisker showed reproducible egress images with and without triggering vibrations in solutions containing nano-sized particles and PBS Fe 2000. Journal of Nature and Science, 1(3):e52, 2015.

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