Journal of Nature and Science (JNSCI)

Author Guidance

JNSCI is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal for rapid publishing of short review and research report. However, the publishing time after  submission depends on the peer review process. 

1. Title page

Include: Title, authors, affiliations, corresponding author.

Suggest one section for your article. Click here for the list of Sections.

Running title (option): Suggest a short title.

2. Abstract

In the second page, put abstract plus up to 5 keywords.

3. Main Text

Start with the third page.

If you have subsections, please organize them in order as you like, for example in biomedical research:  introduction, methods, results, discussion, acknowledgement. 

If your study uses animals, please indicate in the methods that your experiments were approved by the Ethical Committee or Animal Research (or Care) Committee of your institution.

4. References

Be sure that your cited reference is correct and updated.

Please format cited references in the text as numbers and listed references at the end in order of number.

Click here to see an example article for reference format

5. Figures

Please insert figures and figure legends in the text where they should be.

6. Tables

Please insert tables in the text where they should be.

7. Additional Information

If you have additional information, please add it to the title page or at the end of your manuscript, i.e. abbreviations, author contributions, conflicts of interest.

8. Funding Source

If you have any funding source, please add it into acknowledgments.

9. Cover Letter

In the cover letter, please declare:

Whether your MS has been reviewed (i.e. by two reviewers OR by another journal)?

If yes, your MS may be qualified for rapid publishing, click here for details; If no, please suggest 3-5 reviewers for traditional peer review.

If you are willing to support with $99 or less to cover the cost of running JNSCI, that will be great and help a lot, click here for details

10. Submission

For online submission: Please combine all files into one PDF file.

For email submission: You can submit one PDF file or several files.

Click here to start online submission or submit by email:

Once submitted, you give permission (authorization) to JNSCI for publishing your article at