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Recent Articles

Medical Sciences


Necroptosis: MLKL Polymerization

  Andrea Johnston, Zhigao Wang

  J Nat Sci, 4:e513, 2018

  Abstract   Full Text (HTML)   Full Text (PDF)


Medical Sciences


Pulse Oximetry Targets in Extremely Premature Infants and Associated Mortality: One-Size May Not Fit All

  Thomas M. Raffay, Michele C. Walsh

  J Nat Sci, 4:e508, 2018

  Abstract   Full Text (HTML)   Full Text (PDF)




Effects of Sampling Rate and Movement Frequency on Entropic Measures of Regularity

  Douglas W. Powell, Brian Szekely, Sarah E. Blackmore, Alexis Nelson, Alexandra Schallert, Deranda B. Lester, Nicholas G. Murray, Melissa Puppa

  J Nat Sci, 4:e504, 2018

  Abstract   Full Text (HTML)   Full Text (PDF)

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