Demonstration of Inherent Electromagnetic Energy Emanating from Isolated Human Hairs

Abraham A Embi, Jerry I Jacobson, Kaustuv Sahoo, Benjamin J Scherlag

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City , Ok


The presence of hair is widely prevalent in mammals. The human hair structurally consists of a follicle (under the skin) and a shaft protruding from the epidermis. The follicle (commonly known as the root) is described to be a mammalian skin organ, with different functions. One of the primary functions is hair growth and replacement; other role is acting as sensory mechanisms. It is stated that the hair senses changes in position by activating the nerve endings anchored in the follicle. This manuscript introduces for the first time the detection and documentation of inherent electromagnetic forces emanating from human hairs. That was accomplished by preparing a solution containing nano-sized  iron nanoparticles (mean diameter 2000 nanometer, nm) and Prussian Blue Stain (PBS Fe 2000). The intact hair plucked from the forearm was mounted on a glass slide and covered with the PBS Fe 2000, then covered with a second slide. Electromagnetic forces express themselves as magnetic lines of force containing the aggregating iron particles circulating around the follicle. In addition, intermittent flashes of light emanating from the follicles were transformed into trails of aggregating iron particles. Journal of Nature and Science, 1(3):e55, 2015.

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