Renal and Gastrointestinal Considerations in Joint Replacement Surgery

Benjamin Voss, Alexander Kurdi, Alexander Skopec, Jasmine Saleh, Mouhanad M El-Othmani, Joseph M Lane, William M Mihalko, Khaled J Saleh

Division of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Department of Surgery Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Springfield, IL 62794-9679, USA


Renal and gastrointestinal diseases affect a significant portion of the general population. The process of decision making regarding surgical clearance and pre-operative management of the various complexities and medical conditions associated with these diseases hence becomes crucial. To optimize postoperative outcomes, the considerations for the care of this patient population revolve around effective management of hemostasis and electrolyte status. This subset of conditions is uniquely important with regard to the negative impact of improper administration of medications and perioperative care on patients’ prognoses. A thorough understanding and knowledge of standards of care and treatment guidelines for patients with renal dysfunction and gastrointestinal disease assures comprehensive preoperative planning and surgical clearance. This may ultimately lead to improvement of surgical outcomes and potential decrease in postoperative morbidity and mortality. Journal of Nature and Science, 1(2):e46, 2015.

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