Noninvasive intranasal stem cells bypass the blood-brain barrier to target the brain to treat Parkinson's disease, stroke, MS, brain tumors, cerebral ischemia, Alzheimer's and other CNS disorders

William H. Frey II

Center for Memory & Aging (Alzheimer's Research Center) Regions Hospital, 640 Jackson St., St. Paul, MN 55101 Professor of Pharmaceutics, Neurology and Neuroscience University of Minnesota Cell phone: 651-261-1998


Together with my collaborators in Germany, especially Lusine Danielyan M.D., we discovered and patented that therapeutic cells, including adult stem cells and genetically-engineered cells, can be non-invasively delivered to the CNS using the noninvasive intranasal delivery method that I developed. The first of our scientific papers on this new discovery describes this successful method of delivery and proprietary formulations that enhance delivery.  The second of our papers describes the successful treatment of Parkinson's disease in an animal model with intranasal adult bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells. Journal of Nature and Science, 1(1):e23, 2015.

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